Featured Beer: Pe-Kan

Imperial Stout Aged on Pecans & Vanilla
Pe-Kan is one of our imperial stout bases that we’ve added house toasted pecans to and a dash of vanilla. Whether you call it a pe-con or a pe-kan, I hope we can all agree to call it delicious.
(abv 11.5%)

Featured Beer: Christmas Bomb

Imperial Stout Brewed with Spices
Our favorite base stout has once again made a comeback as Christmas Bomb. We’ve taken Bomb! and added the perfect blend of Christmas spices to this beer. Cinnamon, coffee, vanilla, and chocolate will make you wish it was Christmas all year long! (abv 13%)


Featured Beer: No Chill

Milk Stout Aged on Coffee
No Chill is a 5.1%  milk stout we jazzed up with Spaceship Earth Coffee. A double shot of coffee in a milk stout can’t get much better, can it? Actually, it CAN! We are doing this beer up in 4 pack cans as well as sixth and half barrel kegs. (abv 5.1%)