Barrel Aged Birthday Bomb!

Imperial Stout Aged in Oak Barrels on Coffee, Cacao Nibs, Vanilla Beans, Chili Peppers, Caramel Sauce, and Toffee
We took our Birthday Bomb! and tucked it away in bourbon barrels for the past year. Coffee, Cacao nibs, vanilla beans, chili peppers, caramel, and toffee are all amplified by a subtle booziness we’ve all grown to love  (abv 14.7%)


Featured Beer: Phantasmagoria

Double India Pale Ale
You don’t always think of big DIPA’s when you think of Prairie, but we have taken the perfect blend of malts and hops to create an explosion of citrus and piney flavors and aromas.
(abv 8%)

Featured Beer: Oh Fudge

Imperial Stout with Brownies
Oh Fudge, we did it again! We brewed our Imperial Stout and added brownies for a smooth and sweet beer that would make a perfect dessert after dinner. Or better yet, drink it with a plate of dessert because you only live once! (abv 11%)


Featured Beer: Rainbow Sherbet

Sour Ale with Rainbow Sherbet Flavors
Have you ever drank a rainbow? Well, now you can! Take a few sips of this sour ale and you’ll taste notes of raspberry, pineapple, and orange. It’s the perfect beer to stock up on for the upcoming warmer spring and summer months.  (abv 5.2%)


Featured Beer: Lil' Nap

Sour Ale with Blackberries and Lime
It is our delight to present Lil’ Nap. We read a bedtime story to some limes and tucked the blackberries in for a snooze in our favorite sour ale base. This tart creation is ready to enjoy! It pairs perfectly with warm Sunday afternoons on the couch watching golf with dad.  (abv 6%)