Brunch Menu

Served Sat/Sun

Organic Oats – oatmeal, almond milk, green apples, cranberries, pecans – 5

Eggs Benedict – three poached eggs, skillet potatoes, andouille, hollandaise – 10

I Need a Spice Girl – egg omelet, NY strip, mushrooms, bell peppers, hashbrowns, tomatoes, cheddar – 10

Pub Scramble – scrambled eggs, pork sausage, bacon, roasted cherry tomatoes, seven cheese sauce, green onions – 8

The B-n-G – two buttermilk biscuits with sage, scallions, and short rib gravy – 6

Steak and eggs – two over easy eggs, 6 oz. NY strip, brown butter, roasted potatoes, caramelized onions – 13

Breakfast Tacos – chorizo, potatoes, sour cream, avocado, cabbage, feta cheese – 8

Huevos Rancheros – fried tortilla, two over easy eggs, spicy tomato sauce, cheese – 8

Shrimp and Grits – gulf shrimp, creamy jalapeños bacon, cheddar stone grits, creole tomato sauce – 11

Chicken Fried Ribeye – beer battered chicken fried ribeye, butter and garlic mashed potatoes, short rib gravy, fried egg – 14

Brunch Patty Melt – all beef patty, fried egg, bacon, pepper jack cheese, sautéed onion, tomato jam with parmesan crack fries – 13

Mac and Chase – bomb! braised short rib, bacon, roasted cherry tomato, green onion with house cheese sauce – 14

A la carte

Egg – 1 | Honey Butter Biscuit – 3 | Sweet Potato Fries – 3 | Bacon (3) – 3 | Fruit Cup – 4
Grilled English Muffin with Honey Butter and Daily Jam – 3


rum, coffee concentrate, simple syrup
(served as a shot)

choose your spirit:
regular vodka, cucumber vodka, lime vodka, tequila or Jameson
w/ Zing Zang, lime juice, olive juice, and a Prairie Bomb!float

Glass $5 / Carafe $20
add a shot of vodka $4
choose your juice: OJ, grapefruit, blueberry pomegranate, pineapple or cranberry
w/ Champagne

choose your cereal:  fruity pebbles, honey nut cheerios or cocoa puffs simple syrup
w/ vodka and milk

cucumber vodka, blackberry simple syrup, and tonic